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“Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Take THAT, Cupid!” presented in February 2013 by Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre.

Black Sheep Theatre Presents

“Happy Valentine’s Day”
  or “Take THAT, Cupid!”

Directed by
Rob Hutter, Kristy Funderburk, James Landers, Diane Mashia and Al Young

Presented in February 2013

Whether you have been invigorated or deflated by CUPID’s little arrow, there will be something for everyone in this presentation of love, love-gone-wrong, and otherwise Valentine-themed pieces: short plays, dramatic readings, comedic monologues and other assorted treasures, each with a decidedly ADULT  theme! Whether you laugh or cry: both old and young, couples and singles alike will delight in this funny, charming, and off-beat collection!

A perfect alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day events! (Hey, you can even bring a date!)

"Happy Valentine's Day" or "Take THAT, Cupid!" received NINE Roving Adjudicator Awards from the Theatre Association of New York State.

While we are extremely proud, happy and thrilled for our award recipients, this production has been a true ensemble effort. Thank you very much to all our players who made this an enjoyable and memorable performance for all!

"Rochester's Blacksheep Theatre put together an enjoyable, touching, and fun evening of one-acts about love and the "hits" we take for it!" Pam Rapoza, TANYS

Click here for a complete details and a list of our winners!

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Stu Silver (left) and Nic Hambas as “Sid” and “Mickey” in Aubrey Rose Mary Reynolds as “Aubrey Rose” Stu Silver (left) and Lory Love Restivo in Remember Valentine’s Day Lory Love Restivo (left) as “Ellie,” with Stu Silver (seated) as “Abe,” and Annie Leri as “Wishgal,” in Wishes

by Byron Wilmot, directed by Al Young

Sometimes those little details have a big impact on things. Four little letters might change things for him in ways he never imagined. She, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants. HIM! Local writer Byron Wilmot pokes fun at people with very different agendas at a social event in this witty glimpse of singlehood from two very different perspectives.

 He  James Heath
 She  Mary Reynolds

“The Diaries of Adam and Eve”
by Mark Twain, directed by Al Young

Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) is one of America's most well known writers, and has been credited with bringing the voice of the common man to literature. In his works "Extracts from Adam's Diary" and "Eve's Diary", he brings a human voice to the couple made famous by... well, you know the story. It has been said that Eve's Diary was created as a posthumous love-letter to his wife, Livy, who died just before the story was penned. In this adaptation compiled from the two works, Twain shows us that even in the beginning, men and women had no idea what makes the other tick... and yet still needed each other.

 Adam   Aidan Baker
 Eve   Laura Pratt

by Albi Gorn, directed by Diane Mashia

If you had three wishes and someone to grant them come true, what would you wish for? … Really?

 Wishgal  Annie Leri
 Abe  Stu Silver
 Ellie  Lory Love Restivo

“Somewhere in Brooklyn”
Written and directed by Rob Hutter

A suburban poseur picks up an angry Goth girl at a club and they go back to her place. Find out what heís really after.

 He   Jarvis Davis
 She   Delia Grace

“Itís About Forgiveness”
by Albi Gorn, directed by Diane Mashia

Herman is humble and contrite in his apology. But will Myrna forgive him the sin from which there may be no forgiveness? You can run away to Aruba, but you canít run away from yourself. And is true love really, ďTill death do us part?Ē Or does it go far beyond even that?

 Herman  Billy DeMetsenaere
 Myrna  Kathy Coughenour

“Aubrey Rose”
by Stu Silver, directed by Diane Mashia

Sid and Mickey have been friends for a long time, and know each other well enough to finish each otherís jokes and complete each otherís sentences. But one day they encounter Aubrey Rose, who changes their outlook on life and death, and everything in between Ö including their friendship.

 Sid  Stu Silver
 Mickey  Nic Hambas
 Aubrey Rose  Mary Reynolds

“Remember Valentineís Day”
by Allison Crane, directed by Al Young

After 57 years of marriage, it's not easy to accept change, and yet sometimes it is necessary. A glimpse into a memorable day for an elderly couple as they pass time on a park bench. Local writer Alison Crane touches our heartstrings in this view of life in one of its bittersweet moments.

 Dottie  Lory Love Restivo
 Her Husband  Stu Silver
 Young Woman  Annie Leri

“Couples Therapy”
by Dan Maslyn, directed by Kristy Funderburk

Every relationship goes through challenges. Your psychologist will help with the emotional repair and much needed communication skills, or will he? Couple's Therapy will ultimately give you the tools to make or break a relationship.

 Ruth  Delia Grace
 Frank  Jimi Hendrix
 Dr. Smith  Dan Maslyn

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