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Coming Out at the Caffe Cino presented in July 2014 by Black Sheep Theatre.

Black Sheep Theatre Presents

Coming Out at the Caffe Cino

Directed by
Kristy Angevine-Funderburk

Presented in July 2014

Step back to Greenwich Village in the mid 1960's. While the country was on the cusp of civil rights and Vietnam another change was taking place. Just a few years before the gay community uprising of the Stonewall Inn Riots, the off-off-Broadway theatre community and modern gay theatre movement was born in a small venue named Caffe Cino. We now celebrate the 50th anniversary of gay theatre and Caffe Cino by presenting selected works from that time period.

Featuring the plays ...

Daddy Violet by George Birimisa (1967)

Through a series of improvisational acting exercises, a trio of actors explore their own humanity, sexuality, and anti-war sentiments. The cast features David Byrne, France McCloskey and Louie Podlaski.

Sex is Between Two People by Lanford Wilson (1965)

Two men meet in a local NYC bath house in hopes of connecting for sex or more in depth experiences. What will they find? The cast includes Gafei Szeto as Roger, Kiefer Schenk as Marvin and Eric Ryan Swanson as Marvin.

The Madness of Lady Bright by Lanford Wilson (1964)

Leslie Bright is an aging queen losing beauty and mind alone on a hot summer day. Loneliness is not just for queens; it is a part of our universal language. Darlando Eanon portrays Leslie Bright with Catie Faltisco as the girl and Kiefer Schenk as the boy.

Louie Podlaski: Poster Designs
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