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The Hill of Victory by M. L. Powell presented in November 2008 by Black Sheep Theatre, Rochester NY

Black Sheep Theatre Presents

From the pen of M. L. Powell
The Hill of Victory

Directed by Louie Podlaski

Presented in November 2008

Cast list (in order of appearance)

Morton Rimbauer J. P. Simpson
Stella Kubrik Stephanie Paredes
Frances Gelica Meredith Powell
Kenny Pfannenschmidt Vince Dalba
Holly Steele Katie Keating
Nathan Pfannenschmidt Louie Podlaski
Miranda Kowalski Linda Loy
Ariana Marshall Karen Tuccio
Fletcher Washburn Jim Toepper
Peter Roth Zach Reeb
Lana Flinch Jillian Christensen
Hank Baltimore Stephen Elliott
Will Smith Jeff Zielinski
John Carrington David Abdoch

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