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An Evening of Thrills and Chills presented by Black Sheep Theatre in October 2011

Black Sheep Theatre Presents

An Evening of Thrills and Chills

Directed by Deborah Smola & Diane Mashia

Presented in October 2011

An Evening of Thrills and Chills featured a selection of Halloween inspired, spirited readings including Washington Irving's “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “The Raven” plus other short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, with a visit from “Edgar Allan Poe” himself!

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will be read by Kevin Swift.
“The Raven” will be read by David Byrne.


An Evening of Thrills and Chills also featured the Rochester premiere of Jason D. Martin's "Group Therapy and the Undead." A psychologist tries to help a gay vampire (who just doesn't seem to fit into the Vampire culture), a Werewolf (with sexual problems) and an ex-prom queen Zombie (who is disillusioned by the current dating scene). A tongue in cheek romp that explores the ups and downs of being one of the “Undead”.

Cast list (in order of appearance)

  Michael, the therapist   Martin Nott
  James, the Vampire   Bill DeMetsenaere
  Janet, the ex-prom Queen Zombie   Laura Pratt
  Bill, the Werewolf  Dean Amsler



A second work by Jason D. Martin, entitled “Schoolhouse Rock” was performed. In this monologue an unconventional grade school teacher lectures her students on the merits of stranger danger and wearing your seatbelt. She also has a “secret” to reveal! Just in time for Back to School!

“Schoolhouse Rock” features Kathy Coughenour as “The Teacher.”



“Variations on the Death of Trotsky” by David Ives was also performed. This one act play fictionalizes the death of Russian Revolutionary, Leon Trotsky at different moments, though all from the same, historically accurate cause: a wound to the head by a mountain climber's ax!! Trotsky comes to grips with the facts of his impending demise, settling affairs with his wife, pondering the nature of man and humanity.

Cast list (in order of appearance)

  Trotsky   Harry Coughenour
  Mrs. Trotsky   Diane Mashia
  Ramon   Steve Donsky

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