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Presenting the 2012 - 2013 Season

Presenting our second annual Halloween Event

“An Evening of Thrills and Chills”

Directed by Deborah Smola and Rob Hutter

Presented in October 2012

This year’s event features the Rochester premier of Wade Bradford's "The Vampire Monologues", a collection of soliloquy’s about a breeding ground for new vampires, running under the guise of the Morgenroth Mortuary.   We'll meet Cunningham the Minion, who serves as the welcoming party for the "new bloods";  Morgenroth the ancient Vampire and part time florist; and Aria, the sixteen year old baby vamp, who shares with us her introduction to "the life".

Also featured will be the one act play "Morning Becomes Olestra"  from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's "The Weird".  In this story we'll meet a woman who plots her husband's death with the help of her Vampire lover.  Something to really sink your teeth into!

We are also proud to perform a second, one at play by local playwright, Rob Hutter, called "Say Yes to the Death".  In this spoof of the popular TLC program, we'll meet a bride looking for the perfect wedding gown, with her mother in a bag!  

You'll enjoy Dramatic readings from Bram Stoker's "Dracula";  and "the Dream" by Franz Kafka.  Edgar Allan Poe himself will be stopping by to read his story "The Cask of Amontillado", and his poem, "To Helen".

The production features Dean Amsler, David Byrne, Charlie Cooper,  Billy DeMetsenaere, Kristy Funderburk, Micky Markert, Diane Mashia, France McCloskey, Laura Pratt, Mary Reynolds, Rick Staropoli, and Gretchen Ginn Woodworth.

“An Evening of Thrills and Chills”  in October 2012 by Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre.
Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre Coalition

“A Visit from St. Nicholas or The Night Before Christmas” by Lowell Swortzell

Directed by Kristy Funderburk

Presented in November & December 2012

On Christmas Eve, 1822, Clement Clark Moore's house is not as quiet as a mouse; in fact, everyone is stirring. The three children await the arrival of St. Nicholas; Mother and Father arise thinking they hear intruders. Cousin Harriet enlists the children to copy the poem their father has just written for them, which she hopes to have published for all young people to enjoy. But Father, as a distinguished professor who fears being known as a poet for children, burns the poem so it can never leave the house. At first heartbroken, the children unite to save the poem for posterity by improvising it through a riotous enactment. How they convince their father that his verses should be shared with children everywhere brings about the hilarious, happy ending.

“A Visit from St. Nicholas or The Night Before Christmas” by Lowell Swortzell presented in December 2012 by Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre.
Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre Coalition

“Happy Valentine’s Day”
  or “Take THAT, Cupid!”

Directed by
Rob Hutter, Kristy Funderburk, James Landers, Diane Mashia and Al Young

Presented in February 2013

Whether you have been invigorated or deflated by CUPID’s little arrow, there will be something for everyone in this presentation of love, love-gone-wrong, and otherwise Valentine-themed pieces: short plays, dramatic readings, comedic monologues and other assorted treasures, each with a decidedly ADULT  theme! Whether you laugh or cry: both old and young, couples and singles alike will delight in this funny, charming, and off-beat collection!

A perfect alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day events! (Hey, you can even bring a date!)

“Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Take THAT, Cupid!” presented in February 2013 by Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre.
Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre Coalition


By Leonard Nimoy
Directed by Diane Mashia

Featuring Bradley T. Files as “Theo”

Presented in April 2013

Based on a play by Phillip Stevens, this fascinating piece tells the story of the life and times of Vincent Van Gogh, as told through the eyes of his younger brother, Theo. We follow Vincent through his early years as a preacher in the coal mining camps of the Borinage in rural Belgium, to his home in Paris where he lived among such artists as Pissarro, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec, Bernard, and Gaughin, to his home in Auvers, France where he lived and worked until his life ended, tragically cut short.

Originally presented by the Guthrie Theatre, this multi-image dramatic staging received rave reviews when it was toured with the playwright playing the one extraordinary role. The excitement and color of Van Gogh's life and works are artfully woven into the fabric of the play through projection on a large screen, live music, and readings from his many letters.

“Vincet” by Leonard Nimoy presented in April 2013 by Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre.

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